We’re all about leather. We love it. How it feels. How it lasts. How it looks. There’s a reason it’s a classic and we want to celebrate that in every way.

RLSD points out that we should make the best use of society’s waste and that hides, as the by-product of the dairy and meat industries, should be used rather than landfilled.

Part of the celebration is to appreciate the durability that makes it stand out as a long-lasting natural material, used for centuries by our ancestors and our ancestors’ ancestors. Add to that it’s sustainable credentials, making the most of what would otherwise be wasted, and it only makes us even more passionate about uniting others who just love leather.

To help us do this, we receive funding from the Leather & Hide Council of America [L&HCA] to promote US leather worldwide, ensuring that this age-old waste-product is recycled efficiently and used instead of leaving it as waste for landfill.

For all the latest news, trends and updates on real leather, visit www.chooserealleather.com 

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