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Yonas Tsegai

Self Employed

Leather products


I learned the crafts of leather,on my dad's shoe workshop. On my highschool years I tried doing various artworks in the workshop,my dad was always there to encourage to my works. After I started to run my dad's business I tried to apply All the new Ideas that I had to the work

A gift to Marta

Category: Design


One morning I was walking down the road from my house this lady beautifully dressed with long skirt wit a high spirited attitude and spoke to me saying to me what a beautiful morning it was she took me off guard when she did at the moment her bag was all I was noticing and she said she wore the bag for as long as she was old enough woman. She told me it was her mother's bag and she likes it because the details reminded her of her mom; it was in a shape of a rectangle tucked right under her arm and she wouldn't be able to loose anything from it. Afterwards I kept putting that image into my imagination and used a traditional cross as a signature for my own accessories line.

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