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Tin Masongsong

Miriam College - Quezon City

Product Innovation

Platforms, Boots, Bags

A creative based in Metro Manila, Philippines. My works usually revolve around my interests, personal experiences, and my advocacies.


Category: Footwear

Competitions: Philippines

‘Tapatan’, the name that came from the beach my family and I would frequently visit during my childhood, is a pair of knee-high boots made from leather, santol wood, and water lily ropes. The concept of this shoe comes from my personal experiences related to the ocean and seas that have sparked awareness of marine issues and invoked a feeling of responsibility to create something that would make an impact. The purpose of this shoe is not only to shed light on the issues concerning marine life, but also help to improve clean water and sanitation through the usage of water lilies and provide decent work to those who will take part in the weaving process. I designed these shoes to hopefully make people directly see and confront the issues concerning water.

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