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Shih Chien University

Costume Design BFA

Apparel, Womenswear, Design

My name is Bei-Yu Chen, and I am from Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Currently, I am living in Taipei and studying as a sophomore in Shih Chien University at Taipei Tech. During my junior high school, I was in the art talent class, and I was in the fashion design department during senior high school. I have been passionate about fashion for around five years and have actively participated in various fashion design-related competitions. In my spare time, I enjoy browsing fashion-related materials, creating designs, and holding myself to high standards for my creations. I am a focused individual who loves learning and wholeheartedly devotes myself to things that interest me and are aesthetically pleasing. I strive to continuously improve my skills and creativity. 我的名字是陳蓓妤,我來自台灣高雄,目前居住在台北。就讀台北實踐大學服裝設計系二年級。我國中是美術班,高中是服裝科,因為我接觸服裝大約五年的時間,也對服裝設計抱有熱情,也積極參與各種服裝設計相關的比賽。平時喜歡看時尚相關資料、創作設計,對於自己的創作作品有很高的標準。我的個性專一,喜愛學習,對於自己感興趣、美的的事物全心全意投入,不斷提高自己的技能和創造力。

Pangolin Trade and Female Power

Category: Apparel

Competitions: Taiwan Region, International

In some African and Asian countries, pangolins are believed to be a symbol of male virility and authority. However, the demand for pangolin consumption has led to overhunting and illegal trade. Due to gender inequality and limited women's rights, women and girls may be forced to participate in the pangolin trade, facing risks to their personal safety and health. They may be forced to engage in illegal hunting, transportation, and sales of pangolins, activities that involve illegal behavior and violence. This is a problem that deserves attention and reflection. The design is inspired by this issue, with an armor-like appearance that represents self-defense and feminine resilience. The concept of the pangolin curling up in danger is also incorporated into the clothing silhouette. Through the clothing, the self-awareness and resistance of women facing hardship are expressed. 在一些非洲和亞洲國家,穿山甲被認為是男性的象徵,具有增強男性性能力和維持男性權威的功效。而因消費穿山甲的產生造成過度獵殺和非法貿易。婦女和女孩出於性別不平等和女性權利受限導致經濟壓力和貧困,而被迫參與穿山甲貿易,面臨人身安全和健康風險。她們可能會被迫進行非法獵殺、運輸和銷售穿山甲,而這些活動牽涉非法行為和暴力。是一個值得關注和反思的問題。作品以此議題為靈感,外型以盔甲般的姿態詮釋自我防禦與女力堅韌。穿山甲遇危險而捲曲的球狀概念,也運用於服裝輪廓。透過服裝體現女性遭遇苦難的自我意識與反抗。

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