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Emoke Stefan

University of Northampton

Fashion Design BFA

Sustainable Design, Womenswear, Jewellery

Hi, I’m Em, a fashion design graduate from University of Northampton I am a sustainable fashion designer who specialises in innovating post-production waste. My research focuses on transforming leather offcuts sourced from nearby shoe factories into fashion products. By repurposing leather remnants, which are sent to landfill, I aim to minimise waste and contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry.

The Boatpack

Category: Accessories

Competitions: UK, International

Northampton is known for its shoe-making heritage. This gave me the possibility to visit one of the local shoe factories, Tricker's. During the visit, I noticed some very interesting leather shoe offcuts. For the factory, these offcuts were a problem, namely 12 tonnes of leather waste per year. To me, the offcuts were unique leather pieces that needed to be altered and then innovated into wearables. While sampling and testing, I noticed that the shoe offcuts resembled the internal structure of a Viking longboat. Drawing inspiration from my love for backpacks and the historical influence of Viking craftsmanship, I came up with the Boatpack. I also used deadstock zipstoppers, to introduce some metallic elements present on the boats. This fusion of ideas resulted in a one-of-a-kind backpack design that seamlessly merges the legacy of Northampton's shoemaking heritage with the Viking Longboats. Materials: beige leather shoe offcuts, metal zipstoppers, padding for the back of the backpack and deadstock leather.

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