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Yoftahei Teweldeberhan

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I am Yoftahei Teweldeberhan W/gergis I was born in July 19th 1972 in Asmara city Eritrea. In my elementary school years my mother parallel with my academy studies , uses to train me some skills on how to make hand made sweaters (richiamo) decorating a piece of cloth used for covering sofa decoration.And I remember that I was good in sketching. After then in 1986 my mother died. and I was left alone to do skills I inherited from her till now. From 1994-2014 while I was serving my national military service duty I used to make hand made bullet, sacks, and bomb holder sacks which is tied on your waist from leather material sewing by hand

Asmara bella

Category: Accessories


I was inspired from the captivating essence of romance and elegance, seamlessly blending modern aesthetics with timeless charm. The name "Asmara" is taken from the capital city of Eritrea and Bella translates beauty in Italian, symbolizing the bag's captivating allure.

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