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Xin Ting(昕婷) Chen(陈)

Donghua University

Fashion Design BFA

Apparel, Womenswear, Haute Couture

我叫陈昕婷,来自东华大学服装与服饰设计专业,现在在读大三。我是一个从小在上海长大的台湾人。 我乐于学习新事物,抗压能力强,有较强的团队合作精神。我还喜欢关注时尚前沿资讯。 此外,我的性格偏安静,平时喜欢做做手工、听听歌。 My name is Chen Xinting. I am a junior student majoring in fashion and costume design at Donghua University. I am a Taiwanese who grew up in Shanghai. I am willing to learn new things, strong ability to work under pressure, and have a strong team spirit. I also like to follow the latest fashion news. In addition, my character is quiet, usually like doing crafts, listening to songs.

城市丛林 Urban Jungle

Category: Apparel

Competitions: China Mainland, International

这是城市与丛林共存的乌托邦幻想, 是建筑与植物融合共生, 是现代前卫与野生自然的碰撞。 This is a utopian fantasy of cities coexisting with the jungle, It is the fusion and symbiosis of architecture and plants, It is a collision between modern avant-garde and wild nature.

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