Category: Apparel

This collection was constructed with deadstock materials and patchwork scraps using gold threads and trims inspired by the ancient Japanese technique; Kintsugi where broken pottery is mended with gold to celebrate the imperfection and history of each piece. I was also inspired by horse blinkers and falconry masks as a metaphor for the influence technology and social media has over our beliefs and behaviours. This piece is called the Masked Skirt and has knee pads that reference the bulbous shapes covering the eyes on a falconry mask. It is constructed from 100% deadstock saddlery leather using white contrast stitching to reference the falconry mask I created and gold trims to reference Kintsugi. The back is tailored with welt pockets and a double belt to fasten the piece around your waist. I included all imperfections and markings on the leather to show appreciation for its history and minimise waste.