Natalie Circus

Category: Footwear

The inspiration for this series comes from the circus. Natalie is a lonely and beautiful planet in the universe, combining planet elements with circus clowns, colorful lights, and platforms. It adopts 3D printing, ribbon collage, and gold weaving techniques, with the overall color tone mainly in red and black. The dazzling starlight and dramatic magic interweave, showcasing a dreamy and playful style, creating a fashion boot that combines planet elements and circus elements.Let people's footsteps embark on a magical journey. 本系列灵感来源于马戏团,娜塔莉是宇宙中孤独又美丽的一颗星球,将星球元素与马戏团小丑、彩灯、站台结合,采用了3d打印、织带拼贴、织金工艺,整体色调以红色、黑色为主,璀璨星光与戏剧魔幻的奇妙交织,演绎梦幻顽趣的风格,打造一款融合星球元素和马戏团元素的时装靴,让人们的步履踏上一段奇幻之旅。