Jacron Chainmail Top

Category: Apparel

This top extracts an adornment that is well known in american fashion - the jacron - and allows it to form through repetition a garment all of its own. The jacron was one of the earliest parts of denim branding - a leather patch used to identify the manufacturer in much the same way cattle were branded to show ownership - and an opportunity for makers to extol the virtues of their product. Levis popularized imagery of an article of clothing being pulled between two bodies (Carriages, animals, etc), and holding strong to proclaim the durability of their product. In that spirit this piece acts as its own proclamation across its entire surface. To create the logo for this collection, I translated the parts of my name into visual elements and combined them to echo the layout of American brands like Levis. Cecelia, meaning blind, manifests in the eye iconography, while Hinds, from the old english hind, meaning deer, displays in the mirrored buck heads. The barcode, a layout of shapes that holds the monetary value of a product without saying it outright, is present to underline how the value of a product can be similarly held within the logo, a visual element which does not explicitly state a monetary value. Each Jacron piece is hole punched according to the pattern. After this the pieces are individually heated and hand stamped with a custom made brand depicting the CE logo. Grommets are then placed in the holes and pressed. Finally the pieces are placed together with jump rings. The leather pieces are mostly recycled leather scraps from the Tannery NYC, with some faux leather scraps from FabScrap.