Category: Apparel

ARTEM ANIMA is my brand that cultivates strength and creativity. 'BAINS' being my first collection, is the deeply rooted story of my elder brother. Floating like a butterfly stinging like a bee he became an unrivalled champion. Boxing being the lifeblood for my brother, provoked thought of what strength, beauty and poise is. The juxtaposition of boxings' toughness in contrast to the elegance of a woman, is what fuels my fire to birth a collection that yields infinite strength and supremacy. Through the sister lens, 'BAINS' illustrates a new and distinctive view of boxing as a sport and aesthetically. 'BAINS' is ultimately my genesis, my heritage, and my blood. The exploration of my heritage amidst the solidity of boxing is what empowers the collection to uphold a sense of power and being unstoppable, showcasing the indefinable beauty of a woman, and redefining what strength is. My project centralises my core values, which are to exhibit my passion through the 'BAINS' collection, and also emphasise sustainable practice. something in which I strive to constantly become better at and utilise within my design practice. Being the future of upcoming designers, it is up to myself and others to analyse every design foot print we take, and understand that exceptional creations can be created from the unconventional. Sustainable practice, amidst passion and viewing projects as art, results in exceptional outcomes that shape the future.

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