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COWPUNK, COWPUNK is a concept that actually came from my graduation Collection. My graduation collection was based around inspiration from different rock cultures. I focused a lot on UNISEX wear and sustainability. I wanted to create something anybody could wear made from reused materials with my personal interest in Rock music. Cowpunk was one off the 11 looks. It was an outfit based on the classic cowboy esthetic/ feel (from the classic jeans commercials from Levi’s or Wrangler to Guns and roses who were kind of the new cowboys) mixed with the punk mindset from English punkers in the 70’s. Making it your own. And establishing a uniform. Creating a uniform from the classic jeans/ moto jacket combination. For this look I made a jacket made out of old cowboy boots mixed with leather taken from a 2nd hand leather racing pants. And a jean made from deadstock denim turned into a classic 1940’s oversized flare jeans. With thick yellow stitching. For this project I wanted to go further on this but then keep the concept but focus on the jacket that I made. For my Final design for COWPUNK i designed a full leather cowboy boot body suit. This suit would be made out of at least 50% out of cattle hide leather and the other 50% is made out of recycled cowboy boots and gathered leather. Cowboy boots are one off the shoes that are super durable and strong and because of this the garment will have a long live span. What is very important for me. The punk mindset is used by thinking of an original way of putting these two subjects together. And also by basing it on the classic black moto leather jacket. what was much used by punks. I hope its clear, and i hope to see you soon! All the best, Floyd Rorije

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