The Butterfly Bag

Category: Accessories

THE BUTTERFLY BAG Autumn cannot fully be enjoyed in the tropical areas without flowers, and the beauty of autumn flowers cannot be complete without the scene of butterflies all over the lush autumn fields. As it stands though, this description is, at least in Eritrea, fast becoming a ‘used to be’ rather than ‘is’. My childhood memory is filled with the special things that each season brings with it: for autumn it was flowers, bees and butterflies. But not anymore. We Africans, blessed with beautiful landscapes, know that first it was bees who slowly gave way to the wave of pesticides and other chemicals irresponsibly spilled over our fields to earn excessive commercial profits and then it became the turn of butterflies to give way. Add to this the effect of climate change which is negatively affecting the breeding cycle of bees and butterflies. My children will be unlucky as they will not likely see the compete beauty of autumn when thousands of butterflies, with different and beautiful wing colours descend to adorn the flowers in the fields and home compounds. These days I very rarely see butterflies; if at all, I can only enjoy them in social media posts, in documentary films or as kept inside glassed boxes. I cannot touch them at all as I used to. It is sad that butterflies have fast become a thing of the past. I miss you, we all miss you oh butterfly! I have, therefore, designed The Butterfly Bag not only for the purpose of taking my memory back to those lovely autumn days of my childhood where my friends and I used to spend hours capturing butterflies, but also for the purpose of communicating our sadness as these spectacularly beautiful creatures have become easy preys to commercial greed and environmental disaster. Let this bag be a reminder of our responsibilities to the environment. The bag is intended to be used for ‘high’ events where the carrier of the bag wants to communicate her class; it is a butterfly above all.