Extended Lives

Category: Design

Growing up, when a cow was slaughtered at home for a celebration or some kind of festivity, there was always excitement coz this was a big deal and we were going to eat meat, which was a reserved for well, Sundays and big celebrations. The one thing that always stood the test of time was the hide. After all the meat, feet and head have been eaten it was the hide that would be transformed into an array of things for everyday use like mats, cloth, bedding, roofing and the uses go on. And no piece of this material was wasted it was used as is with the animal attributes like the feet part being used to tie around the shoulder or waist to hold it in place. Our love for leather continues and leather articles are passed on from generation to generation, they are taken around the world through export of hides and import back into the country as second hand goods and we still use them torn or not. Inspired by the traditional use of leather in our homesteads, this design aims to showcase the versatility and durability of leather. In its raw or refined form, it is a material that radiates style, elegance and prestige.