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受到自然界中昆虫非凡行为的启发,它们的身体在几天内就会发生完全转变,我对它们如何从海洋生物进化为陆地上的复杂生物着迷。茧是这个神奇过程的容器。 同样,皮革起源于动物皮,在其一生中提供支撑,后来转化为鞋子、包包和衣服等各种材料。它成为携带新内容的“容器”。正如茧代表生物的重生一样,皮革从皮肤中再生,随着生命的发展成为一个新的容器。 我的设计探索皮革与茧所唤起的感觉之间的联系,使用皮革材料来表达这一概念,并揭示皮革所隐含的固有“可回收性”。 Inspired by the extraordinary behavior of insects in nature, where their bodies undergo a complete transformation within days, I am fascinated by how they evolve from marine creatures into complex organisms on land. The cocoon serves as the vessel for this miraculous process. Similarly, leather originates from animal skin, providing support during their lifetime and later transformed into various materials like shoes, bags, and clothing. It becomes a "vessel" that carries new content. Just as the cocoon represents the rebirth of living beings, leather is regenerated from the skin, becoming a new vessel as life progresses. My design explores the connection between leather and the sensation evoked by the cocoon, using leather material to express this concept and uncovering the inherent "recyclability" implied by leather.