Category: Apparel

REINVENT, ‘the future way to dress’, explores the use of leather to promote slow and sustainable fashion in a loveable, transforming garment. Inspired by modular design, the dress is customisable by the wearer, enabling it to be worn in multiple configurations and sizes. With all seams replaced with zips, the wearer is able to change the dress in accordance with the way their body, lifestyle and personal taste changes overtime. The hardware used allows the wearer to add different necklines, sleeves and other extensions to the dress, sparking their creativity and making the dress even more loveable. Using leather as the main fabric, a natural by-product of today’s food culture, the garment has the strength and durability to last and be loved for a lifetime. The design promotes the use of current resources that would otherwise go to waste, as opposed to synthetics that are not sustainable or durable. This little black dress, reinvented, is only the start of the future of the way we consume fashion, with endless possibilities for manipulations and adaptations.