Institution 7 Collection Envy

Category: Apparel

For my graduate collection, I created a 7 piece capsule collection taking inspiration from 18-1900s asylums and found an undercurrent theme to support my work. Through my research, I found a document: "Reasons for admissions of female patients between 1864-1889. Looking further into this document, I could see all seven deadly sins were within the admissions. It was then I decided to create my graduate collection, designing all 7 individual garments to represent these themes while blending other elements of my research on asylums into them. The collection is designed to exhibit each concept of the sin that a female patient was institutionalised for. Each will stand alone representing its theme but become cohesive under the more giant umbrella of the 18 to 1900 asylums. I will Showcase female repression within this time in history and all the garments will have a visual element of power and ownership over the sin behind the design. Design for Envy The colour associated with the design for Envy is Green. The wet moulded leather bodice is hand sculpted directly onto a female form. The bodice shows wrinkles, creases and imperfections to highlight how destructive envious behaviour can be to the mind and body. The bodice is tightly corseted at the back representing the mechanical restraints used on asylum patients in the 1800s.