Category: Accessories

Inspired by cowhide leather and its facets of versatility and durability, I designed the FLUIDA belt. It was born from the idea that it’s not necessary to create many versions of a product suitable to meet consumator multiple needs, when it’s possible to create a single one that can satisfy them all. The artistic inspiration are the great works of Zaha Hadid, defined as the lady of fluid lines, for the sinuous forms of her projects, and the main exponent of architectural deconstructivism. Thus this project becomes a tribute to the woman who gave the architectural organism a continuous spatiality in which the elements dissolve into a fluid surface, creating in fact an organic language. There are two main reasons that this belt is non only original but innovatine and these are: 1. the belt is specially created to be wearble in many different occasions. Thanks to its double buckle (one of which is massive and purely decorative and also removable) it ‘s possible to wear the belt for events and night parties but at the same time during the day, at work and/or in your free time; 2. It’s made in high quality cowhide leather, traspirant and resistant to atmospheric agents, for this reason it’s not only suitable for all seasons but it’s ultra-resistant from a mechanical point of view without sacrificing its natural beauty and softness; In sight of this, being absolutely comfortable but at the same time resistant, the belt will become a must have, symbol of versatility and reuse.

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