PALASET- 3D patchwork consept

Category: Accessories

I created a 3D patchwork concept named "Palaset" and it is a finnish word which means small peaces, in this context the pieces of our lifes event and places are the same way connected to each other. So I designed a shoulder bag that you can use whether it's an important event or just an ordinary day, this bag offers both style and practicality. Palaset-bag represents a perfect blend of classic and casual style. At first I sketched wildly different bags with a pen and I was fascinated by the formations created from patches, with which I could create a three-dimensional impression and at the same time bring the softness inspired by organic shapes. I did many different experiments to create three-dimensional surface. I drew various organic lines with soldering iron and cut holes in the leather and I burned the edges of them. I also made some textures with silkclay. I crafted molds and pressed the wet leather between the molds. I also tried the Canadian smocking technique first on fabric and then on leather. I ended up with this result of the bag when I started folding pieces of leather into different shapes with a stapler and it looked very interesting. I combined many folded squares together and it formed a pillow-like surface. There were difficulties in attaching the squares with normal thread so later I chose to use metal wire instead because I wanted to make it more durable. I still wanted to add something special and interesting so I used natural colored tweed fabric as a lining. It works as a very nice detail because you can see it behind the squares and it brings some contrast.