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一個好像是一動也不動、一點也不起眼的蛹,是在經歷一翻激烈的掙扎之下才能脫胎換骨變成美麗的蝴蝶。就算生命很短暫,牠們仍然奮力一搏,活出最精采的時刻!原來蝴蝶展現生命奇蹟的背後,是一股堅忍不拔的耐心和毅力! A seemingly motionless and inconspicuous chrysalis can be transformed into a beautiful butterfly only after undergoing intense struggles. Even though their lives are short, they still go all out and live their best moments! It turns out that behind the butterfly showing the miracle of life is an indomitable patience and perseverance!