Category: Accessories

In this project, I was inspired by a book by Erri De Luca, The Butterfly's Weight. It’s a story of a chamois and a hunter. In an evocative territory, stepping on leaves and looking beyond the filtering light of the branches, the life of the herd and the life of men is described, excellently, which tend at times to resemble each other, despite the extreme distance between the two realities. The butterfly is the third soul in this story, at a un existing weight, especially on a body as mighty as that of the chamois, yet it manages to leave a mark, its imprint, its passage, giving meaning to what it touches. So from the last of the list, the butterfly becomes the centerpiece of the tale. For existence tends to entangle your threads, until you can no longer distinguish the end from the beginning, until one body and another, from separate that they were at the start, become indistinguishable. Is this perhaps the meaning of relationships? The dynamic of the narrative is reflected in current events, tracing what is the strand of Danish design, characterized by the use of impactful organic forms combined with experimentation with new materials, notably Verner Panton. The latter favored the use of curves, sinuous lines, delicate contours and a soft stroke to define the forms of the object.

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