Category: Accessories

Made entirely from disposed leather upholstery offcuts, Weave provides a surface for adaptability and playfulness whilst questioning existing methods of manufacturing. The accessory explores the opportunity available in material many would see as waste, showing the beauty, versatility and durability of leather. Based on experience of working at a fashion accessories brand and the environmental impact of fastenings and bag hardware, the project aims to produce almost no emissions during production. By excluding hardware (e.g. zips, clasps etc) from the design, this provides a surface for the user to add their own materials. Engaging the user in their own needs and requirements, the loose woven structure allows panels to be tightened and additional waste materials to be added to create straps and fastenings, increasing emotional durability and product longevity. Weave is designed for easy disassembly, including a repair guide that advises the user through different methods, accommodating for those without equipment and sewing knowledge. The bag also comes with an option for a collaborative redesign with the designer and maker. As the parts can be fully dismantled, the panel pieces can be reused and adapted in a new shape to achieve further use from the material. Reducing emissions and environmental impact through its locally sourced material, WEAVE encourages experimentation and expression of identity from the user’s everyday environment.