The Good Life

Category: Apparel

This project examines the old-fashioned, traditional view of a ‘good wife’ and how housewives would be expected to provide ‘The Good Life’ for their husbands and children. These women would be expected to be grateful for the house they had been provided with and do everything in their capabilities to maintain its upkeep. ‘The Good Life’ explores the techniques these women adopted and how a self-sufficient, ‘make do and mend’ attitude often prevailed within these seemingly controlled households. Equally, this project celebrates the beauty within everyday life, taking heavy inspiration from 1950s American suburbia, which could otherwise be seen as mundane or unexciting. Leather plays a key role in this project as it provides a juxtaposition to the soft, lighter fabrics that were commonplace among 1950s-70s at-home sewing projects and represents a woman’s liberation from society’s preconceived notions. I believe this project and my final design is a celebration of leather and other natural/organic materials. Throughout my design ideation, I have kept sustainability at the forefront of my decision making and have thoroughly enjoyed interacting with and responding to such an environmentally conscious brief.