The Forgotten Cinderellas

Category: Footwear

“The Forgotten Cinderellas” are not your ordinary Disney princesses. She is an edgy disabled woman trying to change society’s view on disability. She yearns to fit into the world without being a spectacle. For my project, I focused on the disabled women who suffer from conditions that require them to wear leg braces and/or have dexterity issues (trouble using their hands). With these conditions, there is difficulty in finding appropriate shoes that work with their issues. Trainers have been the only solution. The Cinderella ending of fitting into the perfect shoes is rare. There were some issues I had to think about and resolve. One issue was how my consumer can get their foot into the shoes with a brace on. The shoes needed to be able to widely open and close. There also needed to be some adjustability on how much room is needed inside the shoe. My project explores these Cinderellas who fight back through fashion. By using the idea of “show your struggle,” the collection is inspired by rough prints of the manhole patterns and surface erosion the women struggle to walk over. By taking rubbing samples of these areas, I created my own design to print on a deadstock leather skin. I also used deadstock zippers with a special pull. Even though the boots are tailored with disability issues in mind, individuals who aren’t disabled can enjoy them too!