Braided bag

Category: Accessories

The braided bag is a middle size leather bag, designed for everyday use. It has a zipper pocket at the backside and also an open pocket in the inside. The flap of the bag works like a sleeve and does not need any additional locking mechanics. On the shoulder strap there is also a bigger piece to help the bag to stay on it's place. There are braided details on the bag and the shoulder piece to give the bag more interesting look. The braided bag can also be made in different colors and combinations for variety. When I was looking for the inspirations for this project I got interested about how were the bags made in past before different locking mechanics to keep them together. With this in mind I wanted to design something with as little non-organic materials as possible. That is why in the final design the flap of the bag works like a little sleeve with no additional metal pieces like magnets or zippers. I was also inspired about how leather can be braided into beautiful bracelets and accessories and wanted to use this method in the bag detailing as well. The only metal pieces in the bag can be found in the buckels of the shoulder strap and in a zipper pocket at the backside of the bag. In my opinion these are however neccecary for the bag to be more long living and usable. It also gives the bag longer lifespain when those places are usually the ones to break up first but this way can be repaired. For the main material the bag uses cattle leather and of course if possible the surplus leather would be best option. Lining for the bag is out of cotton to increase the usage of natural materials. With these materials it is easier to recycle and disposal at the end.