Nyami Nyami

Category: Footwear

This project was inspired by the history, craft and cultural heritage of Zimbabwe. It includes the: •Great Zimbabwe (house of stone) monument's chevron •legend of the Nyami Nyami which is a mystical creature that is believed to live at the bottom of the Zambezi River in the Kariba, prehistorically called Kariva, area of Zimbabwe and is also believed to be half snake with a half fish head. •The intricate and eye-catching basketry weaving of the BaTonga of Binga. The Binga basketry is a popular heirloom of interior design and treasured traditional gifts in Zimbabwe. The design marries the modern fashion pieces in form of a boot and the Zimbabwean history, cultural crafts and heritage. The back of the boot is an amalgamation of the history of the displaced BaTonga people to Binga from Kariba the home of the Nyami Nyami. Entwined in the artistic chevron is a weaving on the bottom back feeding into the heel, derived from the popular hand carved Nyami Nyami walking stick. The tussle hanging on the back zip is drawn from the reeds used to hang-position the baskets during weaving. The rest of the boot is intentionally plain to draw attention to the story narrated by the back design.