Category: Apparel

This series is inspired by the sexy. mysterious, and brave cat girl in the American Marvel movie "Batman" The cat girl played by Anne Hathaway is incredibly beautiful, all over her bodyTight fitting leather clothing. making people imaginative.Designed to capture the tight silhouette of a cat girl's clothing, the black calf leather top adds rich segmentation lines and stitching while slimming to enrich the clothing's shape, and adds armorThe design further strengthens the image of a "female warrior", and some LOOK features a wave ball as decoration, adding cute elements to the design; The lower body is made of brown women's leather and anti cowhideThe spliced skirt, paired with accessories such as zippers and buttons for easy on and off, enriches the layering of the clothing.This series aims to create an independent and sexy young female.The natural characteristics of cowhide are warm winter and cool summer, sparse stomatal density high breathability and softnessComfortable feeling. suitable for use in any climate, while also possessing good hand feel,strong breathability. and resistanceFeatures such as electrostatic wear resistance.Utilizing discarded toy balls as accessories reflecting the concept of sustainability.Catgirl not onlylt is sexy and has a cute side. Inspired by cats love for playing with ballsCreate spherical accessories for L00K2 and LO0K3 using discarded toys such as boba balls at home.