Salmiakki cocktail dress

Category: Apparel

I designed this cocktail dress to be otherwise made out of leather, but there is a woven front panel in which laser cut strips of leather are laced up by hand down the front. The upper back of the dress is also laser cut. I designed the pattern to be a formation of rhombus shaped cut out pieces. The dress has a hidden zipper on the left side to make it possible to get into and to undress. The laser cut neck piece has to be slipped over head. The woven fabric in front is woven with organic cotton and the black stripes with longer floats are woven with cotton linen yarn to make the floating yarns more durable. The bottom of the dress is shaped like a pencil skirt and the hem comes down to knee length. The dress could be worn as party- or business wear.  I tried to design the dress durable and didn’t want to use many materials, so it is easier to recycle or reuse the material. At the end of the products life, the woven front panel and the zipper can be removed and if the leather is still in good condition, it can be used for example to make some smaller products. The woven part can be recycled in textile waste and then be made into new material fibers.

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