Concious Cuts

Category: Apparel

The design of the garment was born from a research based on the recycling of left-over parts during the production of leather garments, and therefore on how to reuse those pieces, often of small dimensions, in order to create an avant-garde and high-impact garment. Subsequently after an initial research on the best use of the positioning of the cuts, I began to do some sketches, until I got to a first draft. Therefore, starting from leather scraps I obtained a first prototype, which having not yet been reworked, was also interesting using the inside as the outside and this is how a second design research was then started to be able to make the most of the double- face of the leathers (such as the reversible zips) To do this I also took inspiration from the sports world, (ex.: vintage motorcycle bikers) up to what is now the definitive product.