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When I was 2-years old I got a soft pink teddy bear. I fell in love with it instantly and carried it with me everywhere. I named the teddy bear Hugbear because stroking its soft fur gave me comfort when I was sad or tired. Ever since that time, I have loved everything soft and fluffy. Recent years with pandemic, war situation and hardships those have created for people, inspired me to create something comforting. My initial idea was to create something soft which you can wrap yourself in. Something that would cocoon you inside a soft hug. With my sketching I tried to create soft and/or puffy textures. I used different techniques like weaving, canadian smocking and padding. I also tried different material combination with leather. In my product design I wanted to bring forth the round shape of a cocoon. I ended up creating oversized vest which is weaved with double weave. Outside layer is soft suede and inside layer is fluffy wool boucle. Vest can be worn multiple ways and you can even wrap yourself in it. The design of the vest is very simplified in order to bring forth the calmness we need at the moment. As a bonus I designed very simple pair of leather slippers to go with the vest. The wide straps are also double weave and the soles are soft leather. This outfit is soft and comforting and a good match especially on cool autumn mornings and whenever you want to treat yourself with exceptional calmness and softness.

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