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Hi, my name is REIZZANE MANZON. I grew up in Jalajala, Rizal, a small paradise here in the Philippines also known as the “Paradise on the edge of Rizal Province” where in the hopes and dreams of a province girl like me started to explode and cherish. I am a typical person who was raised by a simple family who is taught to be ethical all the time and content with what we have on our table. Also, we grew up that we are not found in sharing our personal feelings to each other but it does not mean that we do not love each other. Like a normal children I am studying and got enrolled in a public school because we cannot afford to be enroll in private, the reason is our family is big we have to budget and manage everything. I remember when I was in fourth grade, my classmates and I are having cheerful a conversation and suddenly my teacher called me and I wondered why because I did not do anything wrong. She scolded me in front of my classmates and told them not to be friends with me anymore. I felt so embarrassed in front of them, it was really painful that made me cry. I could not believe that she said that just because I was talking and laughing loudly with my colleagues. That moment has had a huge impact to me that lost my self confidence which made me afraid to speak due to might not be heard. Moreover, despite that bad experience of mine I still continue and trust what is destined to me. Thus, I pursue to study in college but life is always challenging me. I did not get the course that I want which is Architecture. I was disappointed and sad because to be an architect is one of my dream. With that, I still moved forward and transferred to another university that made me late and it lasted for almost a year. Everyone who knows me keeps asking me what grade I am in and I always feel ashamed to tell them that I am still in first year college. They always telling me that it is alright, I just smiled and agree but deep inside of me I was disappointed with myself and I feel lost in the field. When I'm in a situation that it's hard for me to find myself, looking at a trees is what makes my soul calm. I find rest in Him. I realized that life is full of obstacles that always give us trial and error. We do not know everything but I know 'EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON”. We will fail in our tryouts but every time we fail there is a lesson that makes us strong to fight and learn again. Additionally, we have a family and friends who share laughter and tears. If you do not believe in yourself? They DID and they always DO! They are the crowd who will put their hand on your shoulder and tell you that they have trust in you and your abilities because you are capable. I am very blessed to have these people in my life, who continue to believe in me despite doubting myself. Now, I am currently a drafting student, I'm not supposed to be here, but why am I here? The reason is them. There are a lot of things in my life that I really regret because of my wrong decisions. Because of those mistakes and regrets, I secretly cried every night for almost one year. Sometimes I thought I am alright but I am not because I have arrived at the point in my life I do not want to be happy anymore because melancholy will turn after it. But, I continue despite the pain and trauma because like what they said “God will destroy your plan if he knows that your plan is going to destroy you”. I do believe that we all have sadness, failures, and disappointment that make ourselves belittled, we just have different stories on how we fight on it. There are people who will hurt us but most of all we hurt ourselves more than what other people could do to us. But it does not mean that we have to be hard on ourselves. Sometimes ourselves is our greatest enemy because we do anything we think is always right for us, but because of God and to all allies that we have WE SURVIVE. We tried and we failed. When we failed we learned a valuable lesson that made us bloom. Do not be ashamed and do not be afraid because you are not late, you are just in time and you will arrive more than exactly of what you expect. Sometimes all we need is to post, rest, then go. Like fashion, we are all unique in different angles, it is just you who will embrace it and believe in yourself that you are a gem over a million of fake diamonds. And that is my design all about. PADAYON! Thank you and God Bless.