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在如今快时尚的背景下,人造皮革材料盛行。 虽然人造皮革材料成本低廉,但是使用周期短,长远来看,人们需要花费更大的代价去制造和使用它们。相反,天然的真皮材料质感优越,经久耐用。随着时间的推移不断沉淀岁月的痕迹,每一个纹路都雕刻着与使用者之间的独特的情感联系。这种具有情感化的过程能够增强使用者与产品的情感,从而延长产品使 用周期。但是如今的箱包行业中,很多的皮料利用率都低于50%,本次设计意在解决这一问题,探究如何才能做到一整张皮料的100%利用。 贯彻“零浪费”的设计理念,研究如何能够实现一整张真皮材料的“零浪费”,做到90%-100% 的利用一整张皮料,物尽其用。 以私人定制工作室为执行基础,为用户提供私人时尚皮具定制服务。用户选择一整张的皮料,设计师则发挥设计的主观能动性,研究怎样的箱包版型能做到最省料的布局,规划合理的设计流程,使得边角料也能得到利用。 设计的巧思融合纯手工匠心的制作,在材料中注入情感的温度,使得皮革材料的价值 得到极大得提升。 真皮材料历久弥新,增强使用者与皮具的情感共鸣,延长皮具的使用寿 命,进而再次贯彻可持续的理念。 In the context of today's fast fashion, artificial leather materials prevail. Although artificial leather materials are inexpensive, they have a short life cycle, and in the long run, people need to spend more money to manufacture and use them. On the contrary, the natural genuine leather material has a superior texture and is durable. Over time, the traces of time are deposited, and each pattern is carved with a unique emotional connection with the user. This emotional process can enhance the user's emotion with the product, thereby prolonging the product. With cycles. However, in today's luggage industry, many leather utilization rates are less than 50%, and this design aims to solve this problem and explore how to achieve 100% utilization of a whole piece of leather. Implement the design concept of "zero waste", and study how to achieve "zero waste" of a whole sheet of genuine leather material, to achieve 90%-100% The use of a whole sheet of leather makes the most of it. Based on the execution of private customization studio, we provide users with private fashion leather goods customization services. The user chooses a whole piece of leather, and the designer exerts the subjective initiative of the design, studies what kind of luggage version can achieve the most material-saving layout, and plans a reasonable design process so that the scraps can also be used. The ingenuity of the design combines the craftsmanship of pure craftsmanship, injecting emotional warmth into the material, making the value of leather materials It's a huge boost. Genuine leather materials are timeless, enhancing the emotional resonance of users and leather goods, and prolonging the service life of leather goods life, and then implement the concept of sustainability again.