Puppets in the club

Category: Design

Upon entering the gay club, I was confronted with a ubiquitous sight: men adorned in harnesses. Initially, this clothing item held a symbolic meaning of freedom for me within the club's gay community. However, as time went on, the harnesses became an overused and predictable stereotype, losing their original significance. They seemed to be mere puppets, manipulated and controlled by social trends, much like strings guiding a marionette's movements. "Puppets in the Club" presents a visually captivating collection that revolves around leather as the primary material. The collection explores the fusion of harness and horse saddle elements with a touch of metallic accents from puppets. By incorporating industrial elements like carabiners into the garment designs, the project aims to introduce an edgy and unconventional aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from the intricate craftsmanship of horse saddles, the designs incorporate structural elements.