Summer kisses, Winter tears

Category: Apparel

With the arrival of summer, the heat rises and the hearts opens, we allow ourselves to shed the layers of winter. And just like that, with such simplicity, fall in love.bonding under the yellow sun, between the waves and drunken nights. with pure laughter and sweaty bodies. And at the same speed the winter comes, the lovers separate. And cover. layer by layer in the silent rain. In my design I explored the changing of the seasons, the subtle shift between the hot summer and the cold wind that make all those summer memories vanish in a swift moment. I took inspiration from my personal summer cloths that were engraved with my memories of last summer and the emotions that followed it. I combined those summer clothes and my winter clothes by draping , to create a design that captures the delicate shift of the seasons, of memories , of love. through the bright colors of the Israeli summer merged with the more heavy winter shades, I used elements of swimwear , tinted glass beads that were hand embroidered on the leather jacket that portray the connection of the summer sweat to the winter rain.