The Endless Loop

Category: Design

‘The Endless Loop’ is a thought-provoking collection, taking us on a journey through the stages of life and death. I found that the duality of life and death is beautiful in that these two opposites use each other to coincide. Without death, we wouldn’t have life. As Yojhi Yamamoto once said, ‘light and shade, love and violence, Eros, and death. They seem to be opposites but are actually very close. If light became weaker then shade would be weaker too.’ The nuclear blast at Chernobyl, left abandoned for generations now is home to nature, with an overgrowth of plants claiming the city as theirs once again. I find the circle of life and death to be something that should be celebrated. Throughout my project, I also took inspiration from anti-fashion movements and looked at ways I can subvert ‘trends’ to highlight the endless circle of them. My work utilities voluminous shapes, dark colours, and high-quality sustainable fabrics to create something practical, yet elevated.