Hinabing Pintas (Beauty that was woven together)

Category: Footwear

Because of globalization, a lot of consumers are trying out things that are outside of their nativity. And I’ve chosen the perfect material for my craft: Walis tambo or soft broom. As it is known as an iconic cleaning tool here in the Philippines, it is something unique for the international market as they have their cleaning tools like a vacuum for example. And knowing that a lot of people are patronizing things that aren’t theirs and appreciating art from different cultures, it's a lot easier to sell or market it to them. I think walis tambo or soft broom will be appreciated because I took something from a day to day or a daily staple for a culture and be able to turn it into a footwear or even a garment. Since globalization happened, I was able to share this culture through a different medium and in this case, through fashion. You might still be asking, why walis tambo? Why the soft broom. As a growing designer, I guess, why not? Imagine it being worn, imagine it being worn outside of the country it belongs to. A single step is all it takes to create a connection, and maybe a single strand of soft broom from the Philippines could create a strong connection to the international market.