Mithi ng Diwata

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Being the youngest of my siblings, I witnessed their passion for science and technology come to fruition in their lives. Seeing them work their fingers to the bone as a child, I once entertained the possibility of going into the same profession. However, my heart yearned for a different route. Yet they guide and support me in the face of challenges upon settling on my own passion. Similar to how they aid and guide the advancement of civilization in day-to-day life through their work in the space agency. It is fortunate that I cherish their path as much as they do mine. They navigate, observe, and impart their knowledge to me, much like a satellite. But despite this strong structure we have established as siblings, there are still insufficiencies that are only on their radar. One of these is the government's sway in their industry. Despite their complete dedication to the nation, they receive little support and are instead played for the advantage of the general public in return. Hence, this is me using my passion to raise awareness for their field. And this is to show the significance of the space agency in our nature as a sister, a Filipino, and a student.