Chasing Clouds / 逐云

Category: Footwear

Title of work Chasing Clouds. Positioning of the work street fashion shoes. Design inspiration Shuowen called the swallow the mysterious bird. The design inspiration of Chasing the Cloud comes from the bird in the sky - the light swallow. The flying speed of swallows at full strength can reach 120 km150 kmh; except for a few raptors and peregrine falcons, the flying speed of other birds is far lower than that of swallows. The same is true for the design of air and space hunters - fighter jets. While taking into account performance and lightweight, its powerful lethality makes it not to be underestimated. Chasing the Cloud, positioned as street fashion shoes, pursues the integration of lightweight trendy sports and technology. Design concept the trend is in the lead, technology is the first; reconstruct the classic, customize the fashion. Reconstruct the classics, define the new trend aesthetics, advocate the design concept of inheritance and creation, retro and avant-garde, commonality and individuality, and explore the combination of technology and fashion. Design elements swallows, feathers, five mountains, chess, bamboo, wood, shadow play, tiger elements, etc. Design research the trend of street fashion shoes at home and abroad, design focus, innovation, technology, etc. Design function Ergonomically designed street fashion shoes, focusing on daily commuting and light sports, emphasizing trendiness, youthfulness, and fashion sense; on the body of the shoes, the top layer of cowhide, GORE-TEX fabrics and other materials are selected for the upper. Design features Focus on lightweight, comfort, cushioning, and durability. Design of inner and outer compartments the inner compartment is a detachable All-weather function module, and a variety of cushioning materials can be selected; the outer compartment is made of materials with high durabilitystability, Arch Bridge™ hollow dynamic shock absorption, and Vibram™ sole , supercritical foam midsole, DIY·PLAY replaceable signs, etc. 作品名称:逐云。 作品定位:街头潮流鞋。 设计灵感《说文》称燕子为 “玄鸟也。”逐云的设计灵感正是来自空天之鸟——轻灵之燕。燕子全力飞行的速度可达120公里150公里每小时;除少数猛禽、游隼外,其他鸟类的飞行速度远不及燕子。空天猎——战斗机的设计亦是如此,兼顾性能和轻量化的同时,强大的杀伤力使其不容小觑。逐云,定位为街头潮流鞋,追求轻量化潮流运动与科技的融合。设计理念:潮流当道,科技先行;重构经典,自定义时尚。重构经典,定义新式潮流美学,倡导“传承与创造,复古与前卫,共性与个性”的设计理念,探究科技与时尚的结合。 设计元素:燕、羽,五岳,棋,竹、木、皮影,虎元素等。 设计调研:国内外街头潮流鞋款的流行趋势,设计重点,创新,技术等。 设计功能:采用人体工程学设计的街头潮流鞋,主打日常·通勤·轻运动,强调潮流性、年轻化、时尚感;在鞋身上,鞋面选订头层牛皮、GORE-TEX面料等材料。 设计特点:主打轻量化、舒适度、缓震性、耐久度。内外仓设计内仓为可拆卸的“All-weather function”模块,可选多种缓震材料;外仓为耐久度稳固性强的材料、“拱桥™”中空动力减震、Vibram™鞋底、超临界发泡中底、“DIY·PLAY”可替换标牌等。