International Design Competition

Category: Accessories

A brief description: This design is inspired by the design of the military building, which is Al-tabiah, a combination between present and past. The design is fully made of cow leather and its suits for the casual style. The Storyboard: Al-Tabia in Sudan gathers on Taabi, which is a defensive and offensive military fortification.  It was originally a military building in the form of a deep, covering trench built of bricks, mud, and stones. It has openings that are approximately 92 cm apart from the other.   The construction of the Abd al-Qayyum Gate during the reign of the Caliph Abdullah al-Ta’ayshi after assuming the caliphate and ruling after the death of Imam Muhammad Ahmad al-Mahdi, the leader of the Mahdist revolution. Which liberated the country from Turkish-Egyptian colonialism in the year 1885.