Amis:勇士的祈願 / Amis: Warrior's Prayer

Category: Accessories

以台灣原住民族阿美族為靈感來源,袋包輪廓參考阿美族傳統樂器勇士鼓,其上下寬中間窄的外型特徵,源自於古時祭祀用祭杯的造型,而包身將傳統工藝黃藤編織和木頭雕刻以皮革的方式詮釋創新的樣貌,將傳統以現代的形式表達,期望以此達到文化的傳承,延續阿美族的精神。 設計特色是能夠從完全的平面轉變成為立體結構,袋包以兩個中空的半圓和兩個填入中空的圓構成,通過計算使圓的圓周等於半圓的弧長,再利用拉鍊連結各個相對應的長度,使之能夠同時構成平面和立體兩種截然不同的結構。 Inspired by the Amis, the indigenous people of Taiwan, the bag's silhouette is based on the traditional Amis musical instrument, the Warrior Drum. Its wide top and bottom and narrow middle shape are derived from the shape of an ancient ritual cup, while the body of the bag interprets the traditional craft of yellow rattan weaving and wood carving innovatively by using leather to express the tradition in a modern form. The hope is to achieve cultural inheritance and continue the spirit of the Amis. The design is characterized by the ability to transform from a completely flat surface to a three-dimensional structure. The bag is constructed with two hollow half-circles and two filled circles. The circumference of the circles is calculated to be equal to the arc length of the half-circles. Then, zippers are used to connect the corresponding lengths so that it can form two distinct structures - flat and three-dimensional at the same time.