Muscle life 肌生

Category: Footwear

Taking the concept of "Attempting to Extract Life Logic from Different Material Forms" in Kevin Kelly's trilogy as inspiration, combined with the natural material of leather and the characteristics of human muscles themselves, and based on further theoretical research, design works with concepts such as "bio sustainable development" and "material recycling and sustainable utilization", which not only have a sense of fashion but also contain the interest of natural philosophy 灵感来源我目前定的是本作品将以凯文·凯利的三部曲中“从不同材料形式中提取生命逻辑的尝试”这一概念作为灵感,结合皮革这一天然材质和人体肌肉本身的特点.在进一步深入研究理论的基础上,设计具有“生物可持续发展”、“材料循环可持续利用”等理念的作品,既有时尚感又蕴含自然哲思的趣味.