An Ode to Metaphors

Category: Footwear

At the end of this journey, with hindsight, why I was attracted to footwear design was because it was a refined communication with the world and the underlying tool was a metaphor. Sometimes a sentence of figurative expressions talks more about a subject than ten pieces of information. As we navigate through a rapidly changing world that is inundated with information, metaphors let us set a distance from the world and contemplate and consider the direction in which we are heading. Analogies are more than just words, they evoke emotions, let people feel, and appeal to the imagination. They allow us to perceive things differently from what we already know and are familiar with. Not only do they deliver information, but they also suggest the perspective of the speaker and the message behind it. Also, they enable us to express abstract or ambiguous materials and help to understand difficult or new matters with the aid of intimate examples. Metaphors are ultimately a language that entails the process of discovering the essence of the subjects and comparing them, by being creative and innovative. I was intrigued by this privilege that metaphors enable us to experience and desired to appreciate these qualities by metaphorically solidifying the beneficial features of metaphors which enrich our communication. In this regard, these are illustrated figuratively and incorporate keys, chains, frames, bubbles, sleeves, and collars. Each of these metaphors represent various aspects of analogies and helps me to convey my message to the audience. In line with this concept, in terms of branding, footwear serves as the messenger of either the designers/brand, or the consumers, which is why it is named Allusion. The basic principle of my brand is for the customer to feel cosy and relaxed rather than pursuing competitiveness with their outfit. This approach is aimed at encouraging people to prioritise their own well-being and take life at their own pace, rather than constantly trying to please others. My designs incorporate gentle and sophisticated details that appeal to the tactile sensation, creating a sense of subdued and uplifting energy that resonates with my audience and sets our brand apart. In conclusion, the project is an ode to metaphors, figuratively describing the admiration we have for their existence and the values we enjoy. Therefore, I hope I can deliver this indescribable sensation and incite a swell of delight within the audience.