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航海家1号是被喻为最孤独的太阳系太空探索器,2012年8月25日,“航海家1号”成为第一个穿越太阳圈并进入星际介质的宇宙飞船。是离地球最远的人造物体。同时这也意味着它再也不可能回到地球,将在宇宙中航行直到电池耗尽⋯⋯ 但它的故事才正要开始。从目前的路径来看,这艘探测器在脱离太阳的引力束缚之后,将继续在极其漫长的岁月中穿越银河系。可能在4、50亿年后太阳死亡后也不会停下脚步。如果有一天外星文明捕获了这两艘探测器,那张带着地球影像和声音的金唱片,或许能再次播放出一颗远逝行星的最后低语。 这双鞋子的设计灵感就是来自于航海家1号,前进需要拥抱孤独的勇气。鞋子的风格是未来复古风,表现出太空采索器的金属外壳,以及同时因长时间抵御太阳风的磨损,鞋身主要为一体式袜型的设计,减少了靴形鞋穿着上的不便;材质上选择了具用保护及保暖性的皮革,表达整体鞋子的流畅线条;同时鞋子上蓝色流线形的装饰,给予了鞋子一定的科技感;鞋子的配色上选择了黑色,蓝色和银色,冷色调的使用给人一种疏离和寂寞的感觉。 Voyager 1 is described as the most isolated space explorer in the solar system. On August 25, 2012, Voyager 1 became the first spacecraft to cross the solar sphere and enter the interstellar medium. It is the farthest man-made object from Earth. This also means that it will never return to Earth and will sail through the universe until its batteries run out... The design of this pair of shoes is inspired by the Voyager 1, moving forward requires the courage to embrace loneliness. The style of the shoes is the future retro style, showing the metal shell of the space collector, as well as the long time to resist the wear and tear of the solar wind, the body of the shoes is mainly a one-piece sock design, reducing the inconvenience of wearing boot-shaped shoes; the material chosen leather, with which the protection and warmth, expressing the overall smooth lines of the shoes; at the same time, the blue streamline decoration on the shoes, giving them a certain sense of technology; The color scheme of the shoes is black, blue and silver, and the use of cold colors gives a feeling of detachment and loneliness.