Beauty and ugliness

Category: Apparel

I am always inspired by nature, people and butterflies for all my designs. This time was no exception too. I like to use butterflies in my designs to give a lightness to the look. However, in this case, I decided to use not only butterflies, but their congeners moths. This look, combines both beauty and ugliness, making it practical and suitable for different cases. The corset of dress is made entirely of leather with a wet leather effect. Moreover added the butterflies and flowers where the main folds are. It is the embodiment of a flowering tree. It conveys tenderness and beauty. However, on the corset, there are also open zones, giving the effect of burning clothes. Additionally it gives the effect in that open places moths have spoiled the corset, so it looks like a spider web effect. Corset says that it combines beauty and ugliness. Which makes it practical. This look besides the main corset includes 3 skirts. The corset can also be worn without a skirt, because the length of dress is mini. However, if you add one skirt underneath, you get a more feminine image. By adding another skirt, the image becomes more evening look. However, adding longest skirt underneath, produces a completely feminine look and gives the effect of a ball gown. Thus, making the image practical for different cases. We live in the 21st century, where fast fashion is relevant and easily accessible, which makes it so popular. However, the likes of these looks are a substitute for fast fashion. These looks are always relevant and can be combined with each other. It's like a transformer dress. But, what makes it even more appealing is the attention to detail. This look is the epitome of it. Moreover, my additional idea was to consider this image with 3 skirts as wedding dress, that can be worn afterwards changing only skirts. In fact, mostly after the wedding, the dress becomes irrelevant and wearing only once. But with such look, you can not worry about it. The main materials: the corset and flowers with butterflies are made of leather. The addition also goes linen where the open spaces on the corset. 2 skirts were made of linen, only the longest skirt made of organza with natural silk. Additionally, to this look, I drew the bag from the remnants of leather. This bag was made from the remnants of leather that was used to decorate the corset(flowers and butterflies). Namely, the place where the flowers were cut out on leather, then used to create a bag. This is a combination of two incompatible items, making the image practical and appropriate for different occasions.

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