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Mursi is One of the Ethiopian tribe living in the southern part of the country. The tribe has its own lifestyles such as haircuts, dressing, body tattoos and lip piercing with stretching circle clay plates. These body tattoos and lip piercings are entirely different and unique from the rest of the world. It’s too hard and painful. Beauty is depending on the culture and society's acceptance. Their body tattooing and lip piercing are expressions of beauty and heroism. Now this unique culture is because of globalization's stare vanishing, at the same time few European and Western people or communities start using it as a fashion. Discretion Here now to express and showing on my bag to introduce the culture to the generation and the rest of the world. I took the women face including the circle plate clay, her jewelers and the man tattoosas my inspiration. The woman's face silhouette including the circle plate clay as the shape of my bag, her jewellers and the man's tattoos as an embellishment of the bag's front body. Functionality The bag is a casual and fashionable. It has a partition and also the front circle pocket and straps are two. Both the circle pocket and strap can be detachable and the pouch can carry alone as a clutch bag just like the woman removing the circle plate from her lip and also she can wear another one. Raw Materials Sheep skin black and brawn Metallic Accessories golden (D-rings, buckles, dog hooks, zipper, puller, bids, dome- rivets) Plastic bids and lining.