Ex;anté - project Perak

Category: Accessories

This accessories collection is named after the old Latin terminology "ex-ante", which means "from before" from the letters and derivations as predicting; before the event, the project seeks the new possibility from the craftsmanship and heritage and outcome worth-collecting products. The Perak belt bag drew inspiration from the Perak ceramic community in Malaysia and then thoroughly researched ceramic forms, aesthetics, considered culture, functionality and leather adaptability. Combining two of the craftsmanships, which are ceramics and leather crafts, this product aims at embracing the possibility of leathers adapting forms, techniques, and aesthetics from heritage; and the value of preserving cultural assets, the accumulation of human intelligence, and creating an opportunity to revive the endangered craft or traditional industries through the application of fashion accessories, adapting social sustainability cycles. The piece is modularly designed to show the specific characteristic of ceramics with the choice of responsible leathers and self-made hardware. The bag's construction is only with pattern cutting to emphasize the feasibility of leather products. The project targeted creating non-trendy pieces with long-term worth, techniques, qualities and stories.