Category: Apparel

‘Nicnevin’ is an AW23 Collection inspired by the great Scottish witch hunt of the late 15 and 1600s and the reasons in which women were accused of witchcraft; their intimidating knowledge and intelligence, their sexual freedom or promiscuity, and their connection to nature. Still to this day strong and outspoken women are treated bitterly and silenced over 500 years later. The organisation ‘Witches of Scotland’ are campaigning to the Scottish government to pardon those who were historically tried and killed as witches, seeking justice so that their souls may rest at peace. In this project I have linked the way these women were persecuted to current affairs including the revoking of women’s rights surrounding her sexuality and bodily autonomy, and redefining the witch, a woman who is willing to challenge the norm, politically radical, provocative, sexually liberated and reclaiming the word as a symbol of female power. My work with leather draws inspiration from 1970s punk leatherwear and occult erotica, and showing dominance celebrating the female form as well as celebrating the material by creating silhouettes that catch the light to display the finish and texture of the patent cowhide.