Off Cut

Category: Apparel

Off Cut is a leather look ensemble inspired by my graduation collection, The Outcast. Offcuts from Philippine leather will be primarily used for this ensemble. These are pieces of leather that have been discarded from the first processing stages due to their natural markings. Meanwhile, piña fabric will be used for the highlights of the look. This specific fabric is uniquely sourced from the Philippines. Both the off-cuts and piña fabric are produced from materials or parts that are considered as the 'outcast' of their original source, off-cuts being outcast from leather pieces while piña fabric is produced through a pineapple's part that is considered valueless before. By purely using Philippine leather, offcuts, and piña fabric, this entry piece also revolves around the concept of outcasts while also touching upon sustainability, as it contributes to the reduction of waste and promotes upcycling of materials. Ultimately, this ensemble also serves as a representation of the Philippines.