Category: Design

The 9/1 bag has nine distinct applications depending on your requirements and personal preferences, ranging from a back bag to a shoulder bag, a briefcase to a driver's comfort seat, and even an interior linig bag made of cow split hide. It contains bonded foam as reinforcement for its folding nature and a flaxible aluminium holder for strength when you need it to work properly.This bag's functionality can be changed and it can fold into various forms. It is appropriate for usage inside or outside the office if you wish to pray after work, drive, draw, relax or conduct field research. It is simple to transport your leather bag from day to night as a replacement.A 9/1 bag can therefore make your busy and enjoyable life easier. Dark-toned cow split hide is what I use because it will make the wearer feel noble and mature, which goes well with the working image. Cow split leather and shatter holder are the materials I decided to use since they are stronger, last longer, and maintain their shape when you fold out the various portions for various uses with the attached adaptable strap. The bag has the ability to change, go backward, and connect. By flipping the bag's inside-out fold with the help of its flexible, lightweight aluminium shatter holder and attached adjustable strap, the user may effortlessly change the bag's purposes. The bag holder is adaptable enough to shape an interesting bag. Not only can it be folded back into its original shape, but it can also be carried easily thanks to its multipurpose strap pocket. It is simple to link labour, meditation, relaxation, and enjoyment. In addition to being a fashionable item, a convertible bag is also unique.