Category: Accessories

'the honey king' The legend of King Lalibela serves as inspiration for the goods I develop. During the Zagwe kingdom at the city of "Roha," ruler Lalibela was the most well-known ruler of Ethiopia. His life has been mostly surrounded by legends. His name, which derives from the belief that he was born surrounded by bees symbolizing the warriors who would protect and serve his king, means "bees recognize his sovereignty." The monarch was given the moniker "LALIBELA" at the time because people claimed, "The king will eat honey." The words "LAL" honey and "IBELA" mean "eat." For the design of the bag, I utilized both green and yellow gold. The bag has wavy surface patterning and sharp edges. Leather will be used to create the designs. The pattern of the design helps to decrease leather scraps since it is designed utilizing organic lines and forms.